Matt Grafton got more than he bargained for at a Home Depot in Roseville as he and other shoppers heard gunshots ring out there Monday evening.

Grafton of Harrison Township said he was steps away from a man with a gun near the entrance of the home improvement store on13 Mile. The man, he said, looked angry and went outside, where police confronted him. 

“At that point, everyone was kind of at the front of the store, wondering what was going on,” Grafton said. “I sort of stood behind a wall and peeked out.” 

Other shoppers scurried for cover inside the store, fearful, some screaming and crying, a witness said. The man was shot by officers after they said he raised his weapon at them when they responded to a report of a man waving a gun at the store.

Police say the incident began at a Baymont Motel on 13 Mile after a report of a fight on the second floor with someone who had a firearm. Officers couldn't find anyone there, police said in a statement.

As police checked the area for a suspect, they received a call about an individual "waving a gun around" at the Home Depot on 13 Mile near Mack around 5:20 p.m. Police said the hotel incident and the incident involving the man shot by police at the store were linked. 

“He was inside the store with his handgun out. I passed right by him,” Grafton said gesturing to the entrance. 

As one of the officers approached the suspect at the store, he raised his weapon, police said. Two officers discharged their firearms, police said. The man, who was struck by two rounds, tried to flee but an officer tackled him.

In a statement Tuesday morning, police said the suspect was a 22-year-old man. He is in stable condition after being shot twice.

The shooting caused a commotion at the front of the store. Shoppers recoiled at the sound of gunfire and started running for cover, said Aimee Spencer Tiemann, who was in the checkout line with her husband, William.

"It sounded like they were getting closer for a second," she said. "We were all ducking down. ... People were screaming and crying."

Officers called for medical assistance and provided first aid.

Charges are pending.

The incident prompted a brief closure at the store, but it reopened by 7 p.m. Home Depot representatives referred questions to police.

The bullets also struck Spencer Tiemann's husband's truck in the parking lot, and hit a hot dog stand in the store, she said.

The experience left the St. Clair Shores resident shaken. 

"I have no idea why this person would come into Home Depot and traumatize so many people."


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