Warren — An absorbing boom has been put in the Red Run Drain to capture petroleum on the water's surface, Macomb County Public Works Commissioner said.

Commissioner Candice Miller said her office was alerted to the presence of a chemical sheen on the drain's water at about 9:30 a.m. Monday. Staff received reports the sheen was located between Dequindre and Ryan roads.

Miller said the cause of Monday's sheen or where it starts is unknown at this time. It is believed no additional petroleum has entered the drain. She also said her staff believes it has contained all of the substance in the drain.

A similar sheen coming from the underground portion of the drain in Oakland County has been spotted several times over the last two years after heavy rains.

Earlier this year, investigators with Miller's office tracked a chemical sheen on the drain to diesel fuel entering another drain in Madison Heights and traveling into the Red Run Drain. However, the source of the diesel fuel was never found.

“Once again our crew is out, taking steps to protect our water ways. We have little patience left for finding the source – or sources – of this pollution,” Miller said in a statement. “Industrial businesses and property owners throughout the Red Run district need to review their practices and make sure diesel or other products are not entering the drain. Once we find the source of this repeated sheen, we will be seeking reimbursement for expenses from the offending party.”

She said if her office finds the party behind the chemical spill in the drain, it will work with state officials to explore possible fines.
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