State: Social worker traded services for sexual favors

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Michigan's licensing bureau has suspended the credentials of a Warren-based social worker accused of "offering services in exchange for sexual favors" going back almost two decades. 

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel filed the administrative complaint against the social worker, Charles Jax, 59, on behalf of LARA, the state's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. LARA suspended Jax.

The complaint accuses Jax of 11 violations of the state's public health code, including "offering practice-related services in exchange for sexual favors," "involvement in or solicitation of a sexual relationship with a client," "a betrayal of professional confidence" and a "dual relationship with a client."

The allegations date to December 2002 when Jax was allegedly seeing a patient the state calls, for confidentiality purposes, "D.S."

At the patient's second session with Jax, the social worker allegedly rubbed her shoulders until she was relaxed and his hands kept moving, "eventually going under her pants and touching her vagina," as he claimed the latter move was a "relaxation treatment" he performed on all patients.

That treatment allegedly continued through April 2003, when Jax allegedly "digitally penetrated" her. She never returned for another session. 

In January 2004, "D.S." reported the incident to the Taylor Police Department in Wayne County. Charges never resulted.

Jax's alleged dealings with a second patient in Warren from 2010 to 2014 have resulted in charges — a fourth-degree count of criminal sexual conduct, involving a mental health professional. The charge is a misdemeanor. 

Jax is due for a pretrial conference on Thursday before 37th District Judge Joseph Toia, court records show. 

The state alleges in sessions between 2011 and 2014, Jax rubbed the face, arms, legs and collarbone of a patient named "J.C."

This progressed to "kissing, massaging and sucking her breasts," along with digital penetration.

"Respondent told J.C. he did this to cover J.C.'s copay," the administrative complaint alleges.

The complaint alleges Jax drafted J.C. into performing office work for the business, including answering calls from clients, pulling their files and copying insurance documents, and that he took video conference appointments with other patients with J.C. in the room.

In 2014, she terminated the relationship and, in March 2019, she filed a complaint to the Warren Police Department. 

Jax's attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.