An Armada man was arrested Thursday for allegedly threatening violence, Michigan State Police said.

A witness told investigators he was talking with the 52-year-old when the man said "he was bored and should go to a local business with an AK and 12 rounds," investigators wrote on Twitter. "The witness has prior knowledge of the suspect owning firearms and took it as a threat."

Troopers interviewed the suspect and seized a semi-automatic long gun as well as a pistol from his home, according to the statement.  

The man was arrested and held at the Macomb County Jail for making a terrorist threat, state police said. The Macomb Prosecutor's Office is reviewing the case.

"It is important to note that making any type of threats, even if it’s a 'joke,' is a crime and will be investigated," state police tweeted. "If you see or hear something suspicious, contact law enforcement immediately."

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