Roseville — Warrants have been authorized against two people who were involved in a brawl last Wednesday that involved a group of people and a dog, officials said.

Police said they are seeking both individuals for arrest. 

One of the people sicced a dog on another person during the fight and faces a charge of felonious assault, which is punishable by four years in prison, according to authorities.

The other person, who allegedly kicked the same person who was bitten by the dog, faces two counts of assault and battery, each a 93-day misdemeanor.

Officials are not releasing the names of the suspects until they have been formally arraigned in court on the charges.

The incident happened at about 3:20 p.m. last Wednesday in the 17000 block of Lowell near Martin and Gratiot, according to authorities.

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At the time, no one requested medical assistance, Deputy Roseville Police Chief Donald Glandon said in a statement, but one person suffered injuries from a dog bite and told officers he would seek medical treatment on his own.

Officials said some of the combatants were residents of surrounding communities and some were Roseville residents.

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