Families of cold case victims might see items found in Macomb Twp.

Evan Carter
The Detroit News

Macomb Township — Articles that could be clothing found during a search for the remains of missing girls in the township might be shown to the girls' families, authorities said Monday. 

The articles were found last week as part of a search related to cold cases that date back to the 1970s.

In May 2018, investigators begin their search for the bodies of girls believed to have been killed in the 1970s at a site near 23 Mile and North Avenue in Macomb Township. Officials renewed their efforts this summer at a site nearby, but have suspended the search.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said Monday the articles were taken by evidence technicians to the Warren Police Department but have not yet been turned over to a crime lab.

But Dwyer noted that "it's a possibility" that families of the missing girls would be asked to look over the items "in the near future."

While the search for possible remains on the north side of the Clinton River, just south of 23 Mile, was suspended on Monday, it will likely resume "in the very near future," Dwyer said.

"The bottom line is that this will continue to be an open investigation, and this will continue. ... No way did we terminate the open investigation," Dwyer said. "We've got to have the articles investigated that we've found."

Digging would likely resume in the general area of where law enforcement dug last week, Dwyer said.

FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider said that if the agencies investigating the cold case requested the bureau's assistance, it would offer help.

"The original plan for the search, from the FBI personnel perspective, was to wrap up on Friday, absent a compelling reason to extend into this week," Schneider said.

Investigators have said they’re trying to solve cases of seven girls who disappeared years ago.

This is the second straight summer police are conducting searches in Macomb Township related to the cold cases dating back to the 1970s.

Then as now, the search centers around the crimes of Arthur Ream, a 70-year-old serving a life sentence for a 2008 conviction of first-degree murder in the death in April 1986 of Cindy Zarzycki, who was 13. The dig site is near where Zarzycki's body was found.

This year's search was announced Aug. 19 in a statement by the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. Other departments involved include the Warren and Canton Township police departments, Michigan State Police and the FBI.

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