Mount Clemens — Authorities are looking for a guy who made an unauthorized withdrawal while placing an order at a fast food joint last week.

Macomb County sheriff's deputies are asking the public for help to find the man who took a bank bag last week that had been left on the restaurant's counter.

The theft happened at a restaurant on Groesbeck Highway, officials said. On Thursday, the sheriff's office released a recording of the theft in a Facebook post.

"As this male is ordering, he takes the bank bag and puts it into his own bag (after touching it, leaning on it and drawing the clerk's attention to something far away on the menu," they said in a statement. "He then leaves with the bag that did not belong to him."

Officials also asked people not to judge whoever left the bank bag on the counter on July 26. "Please remember we are all human," the statement said. "We all make mistakes. It comes down to the fact that this male took something that did not belong to him. He could have left it. He could have turned it over to the clerk. His decision was to take it. Maybe he will come forward and admit to his mistake."

Anyone with information about the man should call the Macomb County Sheriff's Office at (586) 783-8118.

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