Warren City Hall goes blue to raise awareness about rare disease

Evan James Carter
The Detroit News

Warren — Warren City Hall was lit up in blue, gray and lavender on Sunday night to raise awareness for a rare disease, the city's mayor said.

A Warren resident contacted Mayor Jim Fouts about lighting up City Hall to bring attention to lissencephaly, a gene-linked brain malformation that her granddaughter has just been diagnosed with.

The Warren City Hall was lit up with blue, gray and lavender on Aug. 8 to raise awareness about lissencephaly after the granddaughter of Warren resident Janis Kinkela was diagnosed with the rare disease

Lissencephaly, which means "smooth brain" is characterized by the absence of normal folds in the cerebral cortex and a small head, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Fouts said he hopes that by lighting up City Hall in different colors, it will bring awareness to the disease. The lights will be up until dawn Monday.

Each color of light highlighting City Hall has a meaning, Fouts said. The blue signifies rare disease, the gray signifies gray matter and the lavender, epilepsy.