Shelby Twp. cop nabs python hiding on a car's engine block

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Shelby Township — A snake hiding under the hood of a car didn't appear to rattle a Shelby Township police officer one bit.

The township's police department Wednesday posted video on Facebook of a call from the area of Hamlin and Ryan to which officer Autumn Fettig responded.

In the video, Fettig is shown reaching into the engine compartment of a car to fish out a live snake and then putting it into a plastic crate. 

"This Is probably NOT the kind of call Officer Fettig expected to take tonight......oh, and is anyone in the area of Hamlin and Ryan missing their pet Python? #CantMakeThisStuffUp #TheEngineIsMakingAWeirdNoise #NopeRope," the post said.

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