Watch: Michigan couple surprised with grand helicopter gender reveal

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Macomb Township — A Michigan couple didn't plan on being helicopter parents but that's what happened when family members surprised them during a grand gender reveal.

Just weeks away from the birth of their first child, Adriana Jirjis-Alsaigh and Samar Alsaigh arrived at their family's home in Macomb Township on Aug. 31 to reveal the gender.

Samar Alsaigh and Adriana Jirjis-Alsaigh at their gender reveal party on Aug. 31, 2019.

The couple enjoyed their party and when it came time for the big moment, Adriana's sister led her to a pink and blue cardboard box expecting balloons to fly out.

"At first we opened up an empty box and kept hearing this noise like a helicopter," she told The Detroit News. "My husband and I didn't think anything of it, just throughout it was a helicopter, because the area my parents live in gets a lot of plane activity."

The helicopter circled the house and drifted lower and lower towards the family's backyard pond.

"We thought something was going to pop out of the water and it kept getting lower," said the 25-year-old Clinton Township resident. "Then we saw blue... It was a complete surprise."

At 24 weeks along, her sister and father wanted to surprise the couple, which got married in September 2018. And they were exceptionally excited because the boy will be the first grandchild for both sides of the family.

"I actually thought it was a girl, but everyone else, including my husband, thought it was a boy and were extremely happy," said Adriana. "I thought we were going to do something small at the house, but my dad always goes above and beyond."

While the family was excited to share their grand reveal, Adriana said they've been dealing with rude comments after their family video was picked up by media sites who thought the reveal was "too much."

"It's going crazy and we've been getting a lot of hate comments saying 'this is dramatic' or 'this is their college fund' but whatever, everyone has an opinion these days," she said.

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