Puppies dispatched to cheer up Macomb County dispatchers

The Detroit News

After losing one of their own, Macomb County police needed a little puppy pick-me-up. 

The result: doggy dispatchers for a day. 

Erika Ladas, a dispatcher with the Macomb County Sheriff's Office, died Tuesday after a crash with a deer and another vehicle. The 28-year-old had been working with the department since January. 

To help out her co-workers, Macomb County Animal Control offered some assistance

"We could not turn down a visit from these sweet therapy puppies, the department said Friday on its Facebook page. "It helped our dispatchers bring a smile back to their faces."

County Executive Mark A. Hackel and Macomb County Animal Control Chief Jeff Randazzo pose with two animals at Macomb County Animal Control.

The animal control department hosted an adoption event Saturday, and anyone who wants information about adopting one of these dogs, or the many other animals in need of a home, should contact Macomb County Animal Control. You can also fill out an adoption application ahead of time for pre-approval.