Three days after petroleum spilled into a Warren drain and the Clinton River, Macomb County officials are continuing efforts to contain the material with collections booms.

Booms remain in place at two sites on the Red Run Drain, both in Sterling Heights, the Macomb County Public Works Office said in a news release Monday.

Officials believe 75-100 gallons of petroleum, possibly gasoline, entered the underground Schoenherr Relief Drain in Warren early Friday. A sheen was reported that day on the Clinton River, several miles downstream.

On Monday, the water was running mostly clear from the drain, with some residual petroleum product visible in the water, the public works office said.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to find the source of this spill, but we remain vigilant. If we do find the responsible party for this or any future spill, they will be held accountable,” Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller said.

The Schoenherr Relief Drain travels south-north under Schoenherr from Nine Mile to just north of 14 Mile. The Schoenherr Relief Drain enters the Red Run near 14 Mile, which enters the Clinton River and eventually flows to Lake St. Clair.

The public works office has a 24-hour pollution hotline at (877) 679-4337.

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