Video shows Sterling Heights Kroger worker tossed across floor during robbery

The Detroit News

A suspect who police say shoved a Kroger employee Tuesday and sent her flailing until she fell and skidded across the store's floor was arrested, Sterling Heights police said Thursday.

An arrest was made "within two hours after the incident" after the 5:34 p.m. incident Thursday, police said. A video on the Facebook post appears to show a person in a black hoodie waiting as the worker touches a register screen in response to a request. When the till drawer opens, he pounces, pushing the employee out of the way as his hand dips into the drawer.

The employee stumbles backward, and after what appears on the video to be a violent fall, slides across the checkout floor on her back. Customers look up from their checkout spots and see the worker on the floor, eventually walking toward the worker.

Police identified the suspect on Sterling Heights Police Department's Facebook page as Austin Francis Brazier, 24. He is charged with assault with intent to rob while unarmed and controlled substance-possession (cocaine, heroin or another narcotic). Bond was set at $100,000 with a GPS tether required. Brazier also is charged with probation violation, and bond was set at $1,000.

 "... The initial responding officer did an amazing on-scene investigation to formulate a suspect," the post said. "Other resources were called in and the suspect, Austin Francis Brazier - a 24 year old male from Sterling Heights, was arrested at 7:22 p.m. on the same day.

"It was the quick reaction and flawless response from all of our officers which took this suspect off the streets within two hours of the occurrence."