Utica schools bus driver hit by ice from passing semi

Jennifer Chambers
The Detroit News

Shelby Township — A Utica Community Schools bus driver was hurt Tuesday after a chunk of ice flew from a passing semi and crashed through the windshield, a school official said. 

The bus driver, who the district isn't naming, was driving 31 students home after school from Malow Junior High School on eastbound 25 Mile near Jewell, said district spokesman Tim McAvoy. 

A Utica Community Schools bus was struck by a sheet of ice that flew from a passing semi truck on Tuesday, January 21.

A sheet of ice smashed through the window as a truck traveling the other direction drove past. The ice struck the driver in the face. She was able to pull the bus over and several students called police. 

The driver was taken to a hospital, treated and released. One student was also taken to the hospital and released, McAvoy said. 

The principal and another driver were there in minutes to investigate. Another bus a mile away picked up the children and took them home, he said. 

"This is really indicative of the people have around here. You can imagine the situation the driver was in," said McAvoy. "She thought immediately of the students and pulled the bus over."

The incident offered another lesson: The importance of clearing off your car or truck. 

"The fact this happened to a bus should make people think," McAvoy said.