Shelby Township — An alleged home invasion early Wednesday ended in a woman's arrest after she fired a shot, police said, and was wrestled to the ground by one of the residents of the house, police said.

The home invasion took place at 12:55 a.m., in a home off 24 Mile, west of Shelby.

A resident called 911 and reported that her brother's ex-girlfriend had broken into the home and was armed, Shelby Township police said in a statement. 

The caller's father confronted the woman in the basement. She fired a shot from a rifle she was carrying, police said, but the man was unharmed. He wrestled her to the ground. Police arrested her without further incident.

Police say the suspect had poured lighted fluid in the basement before being confronted.

The suspect was transported to Macomb County Jail. Police will pursue criminal charges against the woman for attempted murder, home invasion and attempted arson.  

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