Some neighborhoods of St. Clair Shores can expect to hear honking cars at random times of the day, thanks to school officials at Regina High School in Warren. 

Regina High School's administration delivered lawn signs to teachers on Saturday morning in celebration of Teachers Appreciation Week. 

The school's principal and president drove around neighborhoods in southeast Michigan, to give thanks to their teachers by hand delivering signs that read, "Honk An Amazing Teacher Lives Here" in big letters, and "Thank you for being an amazing teacher even from a distance" in smaller letters.

"We were  just so excited to do this for the teachers. They've given their heart and soul to their students... so I'm just happy I can make their day," said Regina's principal, Ann Diamond.

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Some teachers walked out in bath robes, pajamas and "Saturday hair" as Diamond and the school's president Mary Treder Lang dropped of signs. 

In April, Regina's teachers made the drive, surprising the senior class with lawn signs to commemorate their graduation. Now it's the teachers chance for a surprise. 

"It just touched me," said Tamara Wisniewski, an English teacher at Regina. "It's been stressful teaching at home. ... So it's nice to feel appreciated and know that what you're doing is making a difference."

Wisniewski was drinking her morning coffee in her St. Clair Shores home when school administrators pulled up to her house. Wisniewski walked outside in her pajamas and was so touched by the school's gesture, she began to cry. 

"It means the world to us to know that what we’re doing is being noticed by everybody," Wisniewski said.

Each student at the all-girls, private school in Warren has a laptop that was given by the school. The teachers send out lesson plans every week. They use Google Classroom to have regular video meetings with students and the teachers hold virtual office hours. 

Math teacher Erin Backman didn't get to see her colleagues deliver the signs of appreciation to her house in Grosse Point Park. But when she woke up and saw the sign on her lawn, she still felt the surprising recognition. 

"It's been really hard for all of us being away from the school community. ... It's been tough, especially as I teach almost all seniors," said Backman. "But it was really heartwarming and it felt really nice to be thanked."

Regina's administration is still hopeful that they won't have to cancel any events for the seniors, but instead just postpone them. 

The school's original graduation date was supposed to be on May 21. Now, the school has pushed back commencement and senior week to July 23-30. The senior week will prom, father-daughter breakfast, and a senior overnight party. 

"Our seniors, they just didn't have the right closure. ... They say they can't wait to get out of school but they're so sad that they're out of school now," said Diamond. 

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