Harrison Twp. firefighters, animal rescue workers free raccoon in tight spot

The Detroit News
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Harrison Township —Harrison Township Fire Department Lt. Brian Lorkowski is used to the occasional call to rescue ducks trapped in storm drains, but on Tuesday, a rescue popped up with a little more teeth.

And claws. 

Firefighters and animal control officers rescued a juvenile raccoon from a storm drain Tuesday, June 8 in Harrison Township.

“The Macomb County Animal Rescue called up and asked for assistance,” said Lorkowski. “A raccoon was stuck in one of the drain covers.”

The animal, a juvenile, was discovered with its head poking out of a sewer cover at Clearview Drive and South River Road. Three firefighters and four animal rescue workers attempted to free the animal using dish soap.

When that failed, they considered cutting the kit from the cast iron, but decided against it for fear they’d hurt it, Lorkowski said. 

Finally, a helpful homeowner offered cooking oil, which did the job. 

“We kind of just grabbed the raccoon and eventually we were able to free it,” said Lorkowski, a firefighter of more than 20 years. “It was uninjured. But clawing, biting, scratching.”

The feisty fur ball was taken by the animal rescue crew to be released back into the wild. 

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