Roseville business accused of selling illegal edible marijuana products

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Police are investigating reports that a Roseville business has been illegally selling edible marijuana products, officials said.

Several arrests were made after investigators were given tips that the business was selling the products, according to Roseville Police Chief Ryan Monroe.

Police said they're investigating a Roseville business for allegedly selling these edible marijuana products, which is illegal in the city.

He said the investigation is ongoing and warns the public to be aware of such products because they are packaged in a way that may encourage children to consume them. His department released photos of the products police confiscated.

Monroe also asks the public to call their local police department if they see any other businesses illegally selling edible marijuana products.

The chief said it is legal to sell marijuana in Michigan with proper licensing and under certain municipal ordinances. But, he said Roseville does not have such an ordinance or issue any corresponding licenses.

Here is another example of the edible marijuana products the business was selling, police said.

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