Video: Sterling Heights cop stop turns into TV hookup for distraught resident

Noelle Gray
The Detroit News

Sterling Heights — A typical traffic stop for a Sterling Heights police officer Thursday night turned into an opportunity to help a resident struggling through a difficult time.  

Around 7:30 p.m., Officer Kevin Coates stopped a driver for speeding on Mound Road and 18½ Mile and found a 79-year-old man in distress behind the wheel, according to a statement from the department.

Sterling Heights Police Officer Kevin Coates speaks to distraught resident David about how he needs help installing a TV.

Identified by police only by his first name, David told the officer that his wife is in bad health, his adult son has special needs and he had just purchased them a TV but had no idea how to install it. 

"I really try to drive right," David told the officer as he begins to cry, as seen on dash cam footage of the stop. "I bought a television today because I wanted to make the wife happy, and I can't get it hooked up."

David told the officer he had been running around to different stores trying to get help when he was pulled over, police said. 

That's when Coates made a decision: he gave the driver a warning and let him go, but not until he took the man's number and offered him help.

"My partner is real good at electronics, I can have him look at it if you want," Coates tells the man in the video footage. "If I have time tonight, maybe I'll stop by and take a look at it."

And that's just what Coates did, bringing backup from Officer Remi Verougstraete and new recruit Officer Jeremy Jakushevich. Together they helped mount the TV, set up the cable and showed David how to use the remotes. 

Chief Dale Dwojakowski said he was proud of his officers for going the extra mile.

"This is just another example of the amazing service that the Sterling Heights Police Department provides our community."