Another Kruggerand left in Salvation Army red kettle in St. Clair Shores

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Something a heck of a lot better than a bad penny has turned up again at a Salvation Army red kettle in St. Clair Shores — another Krugerrand.

Officials with the Salvation Army of Metro Detroit said a secret Santa dropped another gold South African coin in one of its red kettles in the Macomb County city Thursday night.

Salvation Army officials said a second gold Kruggerand coin was donated Thursday night at a red kettle in St. Clair Shores.

It's the second such mysterious act of kindness this week. An unknown good Samaritan left a rare, 1979 Krugerrand into a red kettle at the St. Clair Shores post office Monday night.

Thursday's gold coin is a 1975 Krugerrand and, like the other one, worth about $1,700. 

Officials said it was dropped into the red kettle at the Kroger grocery store on Marter Road near Jefferson Avenue. A Krugerrand has been left the site for the last eight years, they also said.

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