Shelby Township teen accused of shooting threat at Texas school

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

A Shelby Township teen is facing charges after alleged threating allegedly threateninga Texas school in the wake of the mass shooting there this week that left 21 people dead, police said Wednesday.

A detective from the Texas Rangers notified the Shelby Township Police Department on Wednesday "about a terroristic post made on social media of threats to shoot and kill students at an unspecified school," officials said in a statement.

"The Detective Ranger’s investigation tracked the suspect to an address in Shelby Township."

Township detectives investigated and identified an 18-year-old as the suspect, according to the release. 

Detectives went to his home, where they interviewed the teen and arrested him for the alleged threats, police said.

Weapons found at the residence also were removed. Other details were not released Wednesday.

“We are grateful for the Texas Rangers reporting this behavior to our agency," Police chief Robert Shelide said.  "We are committed to protecting our community, and I want to commend our officers for their swift response.”  

The Texas tragedy has prompted authorities in Oakland and Monroe counties to step up patrols.

Meanwhile, Michigan Republicans blocked Democratic attempts Wednesday to force action on gun control measures.