Police search for hit-and-run driver who nearly struck Warren school crossing guard

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

Warren — Police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who nearly struck a crossing guard at a Warren elementary school Wednesday morning.

Crossing guard Patricia Kurzawa, 80, said the female driver was driving in the wrong direction in the wrong lane of Toepfer Road in front of McKinley Elementary School when her vehicle went through the crosswalk and hit the large STOP sign she was holding. She spoke to The Detroit News just before 9 a.m. and said she felt fine and wasn't injured.

Warren police close Toepfer Road in front of McKinley Elementary Wedneday morning after a hit-and-run driver nearly struck a crossing guard.

"I was crossing the kids and she ran into my sign," Kurzawa said. "I was knocked to the ground. She didn't even stop. She took off."

She said didn't get a good look at the driver or the car that struck her sign.

There were two little girls in the crosswalk with Kurzawa at the time of the crash, she said. "They were scared and they saw me fall."

Wednesday's incident marks the latest hurdle at McKinley Elementary School. On Aug. 30, an 8-year-old student ended up in the hospital after touching a downed power line that was carrying thousands of volts of electricity across the street from the school.

Kurzawa, a Warren resident who has worked as a crossing guard for the last seven years, said she had never been through anything like this since she's been on the job. However, she said the crossing guard she replaced had been hit by a car twice and didn't return to the job after the second time she was struck.

Christie Schenburn, who was taking her son to school at McKinley Wednesday morning, said she was on the sidewalk in front of the school when she heard a loud thud and looked to see a car speed through a crosswalk and a crossing guard on the ground.

"It sounded like someone had hit another car," said the 44-year-old Harper Woods resident. "This silver car knocked a little girl down, swerved around, and came to another crossing guard, almost hit her, and turned down a side street.

"The car was on the wrong side of the street and it didn't have a license plate," she said. "I saw the driver, she was on a cell phone, not paying attention and she went right th



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