Two tires on a plane burst after landing at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Monday night, prompting the temporary closure of a runway.

US Airways flight 2088 from Charlotte, North Carolina, an Airbus A320, had already landed about 8:18 p.m. and was decreasing speed when two of the right-side tires blew, said Casey Norton, a spokesman for American Airlines. US Airways and American Airlines merged last year.

No injuries were reported among the 136 passengers and five crew members on board who were bused to the airport gate, Norton said.

A replacement tire was brought in so the plane could be moved to the gate. Airline mechanics were investigating what caused the ruptures, he said.

Meanwhile, the 3R-21L runway was expected to remain closed through Tuesday as crews checked for debris or pavement damage, said Mike Conway, a spokesman for the airport.

"We want to make sure we have a completely safe runway before we reopen it," he said Monday night.

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