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Metro Detroit on way to least-snowy December since 1889

Leonard N. Fleming
The Detroit News

Never mind having a white Christmas — Metro Detroit is set to finish December with the least amount of snow in 125 years.

With less than a week to go, this month has been practically snow-free, and there’s little chance of snow in the forecast through New Year’s Eve.

If that holds, this will be the lowest snowfall on record in December since 1889 with zero inches of the white stuff, according to the National Weather Service.

“We’ve had just a trace of snowfall so far this December,” said Deb Elliott, a meteorologist for the weather service in White Lake Township. “A trace means that snow fell but it’s too little to measure.”

It’s a far cry from last year, when the region got more than a foot of December snow.

The almost total lack of snow is surprising given that the average snowfall for December, measured at Detroit Metro Airport, is 9.7 inches. Last year, 12.2 inches of snow had fallen as of Dec. 26, leading into one of the toughest winters in southeast Michigan history.

Elliott said the only possible snowfall would be the night of New Year’s Eve and into the first day of 2015, but it’s just scattered snow showers.

“It’s really too early to know if we’re going to get any amounts out of that or not or things are going to continue on the same track and that we’ll even get that snow,” Elliott said.

December’s temperatures have been higher than normal, averaging 40 degrees during the day so far this month, compared with a typical December average of 36 degrees. Last December, the average high was 33.


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