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Low 80s expected this week

Shawn D. Lewis
The Detroit News

Detroit — Yes, it’s hot.

But hang on. Cooler temperatures are on the way.

Temperatures in Detroit reached 90 degrees before 3 p.m. Sunday. That’s hot, even for July. Rachel Kulik of the National Weather Service said normal temperatures for this time in July hover around 84 degrees.

Last July 19, she said, was 73 degrees.

“The temperatures are higher than normal because a high pressure system is filtering in warmer temperatures from down South,” said Kulik.

Kulik said the hottest day of the Summer 2014 was July 22, when it hit 94.

She said when temperatures soar into the 90s, everyone should take heed.

“Senior citizens should be especially careful, but really, everyone should be careful if they go outside,” she said. “With high humidity added to the high temperatures, it’s hard to be outside.”

Kulik said the next chance of rain is Tuesday.

“It should remain dry until Tuesday, when we’ll have a 30 percent chance of rain,” she said.

For the remainder of the week, the temperatures look like this:

Monday: High 87 Low 66

Tuesday: High 80 Low 60

Wednesday: High 78 Low 63

Thursday: High 80 Low 64

Friday: High 80 Low 66

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