— The State Highway Patrol says a tractor-trailer approaching a central Ohio intersection struck a stopped SUV and triggered a four-vehicle crash that killed two people from Howell and injured three others.

Patrol Sgt. Ty Skaggs said the tractor-trailer rear-ended one SUV and pushed it into another around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday on U.S Route 23 in Delaware County. Skaggs says the vehicles slid into the intersection, where at least one collided with a pickup truck.

A man and woman in the first SUV — Curtis and Patricia Dixon of Howell — were killed. The drivers of the pickup and second SUV suffered less serious injuries. A woman riding in the pickup was flown to a hospital.

The patrol says the tractor-trailer driver was charged with vehicular homicide and failure to stop within an assured clear distance ahead. He wasn’t injured.

The patrol says alcohol isn’t believed to be a factor in the crash.

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