Saginaw meter reader suffers 3rd dog bite on job

Associated Press

Saginaw — A Saginaw water-meter reader is back in action despite suffering the third dog bite of his 19-year career.

Dave Delgado’s latest canine run-in came Aug. 15 when a pit bull mixed-breed charged him.

The 49-year-old was treated for the bite and returned to work.

As far as Delgado’s concerned, the job is worth the risks.

After all, he tells The Saginaw News it’s almost worth it for the exercise alone. The diabetic walks 10 to 15 miles each day. Delgado says he reads meters because it keeps him in shape.

The on-the-job danger he faces goes beyond dogs.

Delgado says he’s been threatened by people, too. And one time, he looked down and saw a cage with a skunk inside. The animal proceeded to turn and spray him.