Michigan funeral home seeks to curb texting while driving

Associated Press

Grand Rapids – — A western Michigan funeral home is working to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving by launching a campaign highlighting the potentially fatal consequences involved.

Cook Funeral Home plans to debut its #idrivetextfree campaign video at Grandville High School’s football game against Jenison on Thursday night, The Grand Rapids Press reported. Organizers plan to promote the campaign this fall at football games and promote the social media hashtag.

“The intent of the video is to help each student and parent realize the consequences of just one text,” said Ron Cook, the funeral home’s vice president.

In the video, a teenage boy dressed in a football jersey sits up in a casket and talks about texting and driving to a room of mourners. The funeral home’s marketing manager, Bob Kreter, said the campaign is aimed at high school students as well as others.

The funeral home also plans to hand out #idrivetextfree T-shirts and wristbands during games where the effort is being promoted. The campaign, which asks people to pledge that they won’t text and drive, is expected to be extended into basketball season.

“Our mission is simple: Just please take this pledge and do not text and drive. If we can save just one life, then this is a huge success,” Kreter said. “We see a lot of death. We want to save lives.”