— A Monroe County teen was charged with a felony in connection to her reported abduction last month.

Hayley Marie Turner, 18, faces up to four years in prison on a charge of causing a false police report to be filed.

Joseph Costello Jr., Monroe County chief assistant prosecutor, said the charge was filed Thursday. A warrant was being processed for the woman’s arrest by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, he said.

On Aug. 7, Turner reportedly left her parents’ home before 10 p.m. to go to the Family Video store near their rural Temperance-area neighborhood in Monroe County. A short while later, she allegedly called a friend from her car and said she was stopping to check on a man lying on the ground at the corner of rural Dean and Crabb roads.

Seconds later, she said the man had a gun, and then her phone went dead. The friend immediately called the woman’s father, who raced to the scene and found his daughter’s car idling. The teen was nowhere in sight.

A massive search ensued, aided by helicopters and K-9 units that combed the area.

The next day, Turner turned up 50 miles away in Ecorse, bearing cuts police believe she inflicted herself as part of the alleged ruse. She was located when an Ecorse motorist reported seeing her jump from a moving vehicle. The vehicle sped away, and the motorist called police.

When she was interviewed by Ecorse Lt. Greg Blade, she couldn’t provide details about her abductor, Blade said at a news conference following Turner’s reappearance.

Asked if she was expected to turn herself in, Costello said, “I’m sure she’ll be given an opportunity to do that.”

She could face additional charges in Wayne County, according to Ecorse Public Safety Director Michael Moore.

“We plan to write something up and send it to the prosecutor to see if any laws were broken in Wayne County,” Moore said Thursday.

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