Patrol effort targets I-75 offenders

Associated Press

Columbus, Ohio — Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers will be out in force on Interstate 75 this weekend as part of a six-state effort to reduce crashes on the busy highway.

The “I-75 Challenge” began Friday morning and will continue through the day Sunday. The patrol says it’s a high-visibility initiative focusing especially on speeders, impaired drivers and those not wearing seat belts.

The effort also involves highway patrols in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan. The highway runs 1,786 miles from the outskirts of Miami, Florida, to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Traffic crashes kill more than 33,000 people every year in America, and highway safety officials say many of them happen in I-75.

But officials say that overall, Ohio’s highways are the safest they’ve ever been.