Oakley trustee wants equipment from former cop reserves

Associated Press

Oakley – — A village trustee who sued to force the police department to shut down said he plans to ensure about 100 reserve officers return their badges and other police equipment.

Trustee Francis Koski told The Saginaw News he is prepared to bring three related motions to a vote at a Tuesday board meeting. He will also request Oakley Chief of Police Robert Reznick create a list of the officers who served in the department, including their names, addresses and phone numbers, and submit it to the village clerk.

"I want to make sure we get the equipment back as soon as possible so it's not out in the real world being used," Koski said. "I want keys, badges, guns, bulletproof vest and anything that belongs to the village of Oakley that has been purchased since Rob has been the police chief. I want it all back."

Although Koski doesn't specifically know which pieces of the reservists' equipment were bought by the village, he said he wants it back so the village doesn't face any potential consequences in the future.

Reznick said the department's budget has been funded through donations provided by reserve police officers since he became chief in 2009.

"The village owns the police department," Koski said. "It's time to take the thing and put it back in the village's hands, not the chief's hands. It's time for the entire council to be a part of this."

The trustee filed a set of lawsuits against the village police department requesting it be disbanded and shut down because it was uninsured. A judge recently ruled in favor of Koski, saying the department would cease to exist until the board could decide its fate.