Detroit mass shootings about 12 hours, seven miles apart leave 12 wounded, 3 fatally

State justices: You’re 18 on birthday, not a day sooner

Associated Press

Detroit — The Michigan Supreme Court says people turn 18 on their birthday, not the day before.

The court unanimously settled the unusual question Tuesday in the case of a young man convicted of murder. The fatal shooting occurred Jan. 28, 2007, just a few hours before Deandre Woolfolk’s 18th birthday.

Age is critical. Those convicted of first-degree murder in Michigan get a no-parole sentence if the killing occurred when they were 18. But someone younger than 18 could get a shorter sentence.

Under English common law, a new age is recognized on the day before a birthday, but the state Supreme Court says that won’t be followed. Justices say an 18-year-old isn’t 18 until the actual birthday.

Woolfolk will get a new sentence, although it still could be life in prison.