Flint Twp. officials tighten panhandler restrictions

Associated Press

Flint Township — Officials in the Flint area are tightening restrictions on panhandlers and those collecting donations for charities on the street.

The Flint Township Board of Trustees on Monday voted to create an ordinance that would make it, “unlawful for any person, without authority, to receive or to attempt to receive money or any other object or thing from an occupant of a motor vehicle” on a public street.

The Flint Journal reports the ordinance won’t be enforced until March. 1.

Flint Township attorney Peter Goodstein says the board will have to consider a way of permitting, if it intends to allow groups on the roadways.

Chris Hamilton, committee member and executive director of the Old Newsboys, said that he’s concerned that the township doesn’t want to give out permits.