Cold. Frigid. Numbing. Shivery. Icy. Glacial. Take your pick.

That’s the way it’s going to be Wednesday through most of the weekend.

“It’s cold, and it’s going to stay cold today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That’s really all there is to say,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Matt Mosteiko, working out of the White Lake Township station. “Wednesday will be dry and sunny. We may see 1/2 inch of snow near the Ohio border but that’s about it.”

Temperatures in the metro area Wednesday were all pretty much in the same range: 11 at Metro Detroit and City Airport, 7 in Mount Clemens, 9 in Troy and 6 in Flint.

“The high for Wednesday in the metro area will be about 18 with a low of 3,” Mosteiko said. “Thursday will be about 13 with a low of about minus 6. Friday will be 15 with a low of about minus 3. It’s all due to a persistent trough of Canadian arctic air that has settled over much of the U.S. and won’t move.”

According to NWS records, the normal high for Feb. 25 is 38 with a normal low of 23. The daily record high is 66 degrees set in 1957 with the record daily low of minus 2 set in 1993.

Although the month isn’t over, the average temperature for February 2015 is 14.6 degrees, which would put it in second place if the frigid temps last through the end of the month. The coldest February averaged 12.2 degrees set in 1875.

There’s little chance of beating that ... nor do we want to.

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Extended forecast

Wednesday: Mostly sunny with highs of 16 to 20.

Wednesday night: Partly cloudy with lows of 1 to minus 5.

Thursday: A 40 percent chance of light snow until 1 pm. Highs 11 to 15.

Thursday night: Mostly cloudy with lows of minus 3 to minus 9.

Friday: Mostly sunny with highs of 12 to 16.

Friday night: Mostly clear with lows of minus 1 to minus 7.

Saturday: Mostly sunny with highs of 15 to 19.

Saturday night: Partly cloudy with lows of 4 to 8.

Sunday: Cloudy with a 60 percent chance of snow. Highs 25 to 29.

Sunday night: Mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of snow. Lows 17 to 21.

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