Traverse City official in court on alcohol-linked issue

Associated Press

Traverse City — The manager who oversees city government in Traverse City has pleaded not guilty to four misdemeanors, more than a week after police were called to his house during an alcohol-related incident.

Jered Ottenwess is charged with domestic violence and attempting to resist police. He appeared Friday in district court.

Police reports released to news media show Ottenwess was very drunk when officers arrived Feb. 16. Police say his mother indicated he had been drinking for four days and "ripping up our house."

Officer Mark Witczak says he was poised to fire his Taser after Ottenwess clenched his fists. He says Ottenwess then "fell to his knees and started to cry."

Ottenwess didn't speak in court. Judge Michael Stepka told him the charges are serious.