Hartland Twp. divided into 7 ZIP codes, seeks unity

Associated Press

Hartland Township — A township with less than 15,000 residents that’s divided into seven ZIP codes is seeking a little unity.

The Livingston Daily Press & Argus reports Hartland Township is asking residents to write letters of support to eliminate the patchwork of ZIP codes. The Livingston County community plans to take its concerns to the U.S. Postal Service for review.

A map of Hartland Township shows the ZIP codes spread across its 36 square miles. Township Manager James Wickman wrote residents about the issue, saying: “Our identity is divided by a decades-old bureaucracy.”

Officials say most residents don’t have a Hartland mailing address. They say that the community’s many ZIP codes can cause package delivery problems, confusion with voting and difficulties searching electronic maps or other databases, among other issues.