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Saginaw to help Genesee Co. test water treatment

Associated Press

Kochville Township — Saginaw will help Genesee County test a water treatment process that’s proposed as part of a pipeline project to bring water from Lake Huron.

Genesee County is building a new water treatment plant in conjunction with the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline and Michigan requires the proposed treatment process to be tested before the plant can operate, The Saginaw News reported.

Testing will be done at a 180 million gallon reservoir in Saginaw County’s Kochville Township that serves as a backup water supply for the city of Saginaw’s system.

“We’re looking to minimize the cost of (the) plant,” Genesee County Water Plant Superintendent Kevin VanSickle said. “And we’re testing this process for that purpose.”

When completed, the pipeline will bring water to Genesee County’s facility and Flint’s water treatment plant. Since Flint broke away from the Detroit water system last year, residents have been unhappy with the smell, taste and appearance of water drawn from the Flint River.

Genesee County has continued to purchase water, but Flint and Genesee County are partners in the Karegnondi Water Authority.

VanSickle said a 31-foot-tall “pilot plant” will be delivered to Saginaw’s reservoir site in early April. It will operate like a miniature water treatment plant, pulling out water and treating up to 80,000 gallons a day. Testing will assess how well the new plant might work.

Once it the pilot project is underway, VanSickle said the process is expected to take about three months. The Karegnondi pipeline is scheduled for completion in 2016. The tentative completion date for the new treatment plant, which will in Lapeer County, is the spring of 2017.

“It would simulate very closely to what their system would have to do in a pilot study,” said Saginaw Water and Wastewater Director Kim Mason.