Rep. Dingell to Madonna: Stop trashing Michigan

David Shepardson
Detroit News Washington Bureau
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Washington — A Michigan member of Congress doesn’t like the Material Girl’s repeated trashing of her home state.

Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, on Tuesday, criticized Madonna in a Facebook posting for taking “cheap shots” at Michigan. “She certainly never learned what the nuns taught me... if you can’t say something nice don’t” Dingell wrote, urging the singer to “quit bad mouthing us.”

“Enough already Madonna! I am probably not being politically correct in someway, (and I am reposting because I forgot the Pistons down below and she just got my me going this am) but I am tired of Madonna and her cheap shots at Michigan and her hometown .....I love this state, the people, my friends (some since grade school), the weather (yes all four seasons), sports (lions, Tigers, red wings, the pistons, a big ten football game, MSU in the sweet 16) the music (maybe not hers), the water, floating down the river in an inner tube, freighters, cars, universities, the food and diversity of it, ethnic cultures and neighborhoods, and the realness of the people I know and love...intense, passionate, opinionated.......the ups and downs are life and prepare us for the future....but there is always a community to back you up, try to help and struggle with you in tough times and celebrate good times......but this is my home, my roots, a michigan car girl born and bred and she certainly never learned what the nuns taught me....if you cannot say something nice don't. Michigan contributed to her success....we don't take shots at her, her style, her something good must have happened here.”

In an interview published by US Weekly, Madonna again criticized Michigan. "I miss absolutely nothing about growing up in Michigan," Madonna told the magazine. Her daughter Lourdes Leon is currently enrolled at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor — the same school Madonna briefly attended.

Madonna, who was born in Bay City in 1958 and lived there until moving to Avon Township in the mid-1960s — which is now part of Rochester Hills — has a long history of saying less than flattering things about the state. She referred to Bay City as a “smelly little town” in a “Today” show interview in 1987.

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