7 protesters freed after University of Michigan arrests

Kim Kozlowski
The Detroit News

Seven of the eight people arrested during protests that disrupted a Board of Regents meeting this week at the University of Michigan have been released pending warrant authorizations, campus police spokeswoman Diane Brown said Friday.

Brown said she could not comment on the eighth person, a juvenile who was taken to a detention center.

UM police are reviewing video footage and investigating the protest that erupted immediately after the Regents meeting started Thursday. Protesters affiliated with the activist group By Any Means Necessary stormed the Regents during the last meeting of the semester, chanting for on-site UM admissions at Detroit schools and action to boost minority enrollment.

It was second time BAMN has disrupted a UM meeting in six months. The last time, in November, the Regents moved to another building and locked everyone out but the media.

This time, the protesters were removed from the meeting room, they were arrested and the Regents conducted business as usual.

Of the eight people taken into custody, one was a student.

After police complete their investigation, they will submit a report to prosecutors, who will make a decision on any charges.

“It could be several days before this gets finalized,” Brown said.