Saginaw — A new ordinance in Saginaw will require renters to pledge to keep their homes free of crime.

The Saginaw News reports that the ordinance, dubbed the “crime-free lease addendum,” was approved Monday. It requires renters to agree that neither they nor their guests will “engage in criminal activity.” Violations could mean the lease is terminated.

Landlords could face fines of $300 to $500.

Councilman Demond Tibbs, an assistant Saginaw County prosecutor, says the ordinance is a tool for city government to use to help make neighborhoods a better place to live.

Mark Oberschmidt, a city resident and local landlord, spoke against the proposal, calling it an unnecessarily complicated ordinance that would be impossible to adequately enforce. He says it would unfairly penalize landlords and called it a “slippery slope.”

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