Double vision: Mich. high school has 10 sets of twins

Associated Press

Pinconning — Ten sets of twins roam the halls at a high school in central Michigan, an unusual happenstance that has teachers seeing double, according to school officials.

Pinconning Area High School Principal Andy Kowalczyk has never seen so many twins in one school during his 18 years as an educator, he told The Bay City Times.

“Maybe each year, we have one or two sets, but never 10,” Kowalczyk said. “It’s crazy.”

The principal, who attended Pinconning Area High School when he was a teenager and graduated in 1991, only remembers one set of twins in his class at the Bay County school.

“We had 180 kids in our class. I do remember one other set below us. Our school was bigger then and we may have had a couple sets,” Kowalczyk said.

Administrators at the 430-student school were a bit surprised when they realized its twin billing, he said.

“It was just kind of by accident,” Kowalczyk said. “We’d seen a couple of pairs in the office at once and we got to thinking, ‘I wonder how many there are?’ We started looking in the office a little bit ago, and we said, ‘There’s one, there’s another.’ It’s neat to have them in class; they can lean on each other.

“It’s pretty cool.”

While school officials describe the 10 sets of twins as “good kids,” they aren’t past twin hijinks. Freshmen Courtney and Zoe Merino, who are identical twins, switched places for a day in eighth grade and fooled their teachers, they said.

“No one can figure out by our faces.” Zoe Merino said. “So, we thought we’d stump our teachers. We changed our clothes, our personality.”

Three pairs of twins are graduating this year, and the school isn’t expecting any more sets to come in next school year, Kowalczyk said.