Michigan Tech, Northern Michigan don’t bust tuition cap

Associated Press

Michigan Technological University is raising tuition by an average of 3.1 percent for next school year, while Northern Michigan University’s rate will rise 3.2 percent.

Houghton-based Michigan Tech announced Thursday the increase is less than the 3.9 percent its board earlier approved. That number initially was set based on expectations the university wouldn’t get a boost in state appropriations, but the state’s budget includes more money.

Michigan Tech’s updated increase is under the state’s 3.2 percent cap. The hike means in-state students in 2015-16 will pay $14,165 a year, up from $13,740 this year.

At Northern Michigan, based in Marquette, tuition for 2015-16 will be $9,680, up from $9,383 this year.

Earlier this week, Michigan State University raised tuition by 2.7 percent for in-state undergraduates and Eastern Michigan University approved a 7.8 percent increase in tuition and fees.

By exceeding the cap, Eastern Michigan says it forfeits $1 million in state incentive funding. Still, it gains $10 million in tuition revenue.