Break out the Shore Lunch breading, we now have two new state record fish to report.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the record breakers were taken on the west side of the state in April, making them the second and third state-record fish caught in 2015.

(Just FYI: the first record breaker of 2015 was a 28.61 pound, 34.02 inch fresh water drum โ€” Aplodinotus grunniens โ€” speared on Jan. 24 by Middleville resident Mark Leep on Gun Lake.)

On April 12, Muskegon resident Sage Colegrove took a 44.54 pound black buffalo (Ictiobus niger) on the Grand River in Ottawa County. Cosgrove nailed the 38.50 inch black buffalo while bow fishing.

The previous state record black buffalo was caught by Joshua Teunis on Bear Lake on June 15, 2014. That monster weighed in at 41.25 pounds and measured 38.25 inches.

Then on April 18, North Muskegon resident Cindy Lou Cordo was bait casting on Bear Lake when she hooked a white perch (Morone americana) that weighed in at 2 pounds and measured 13.57 inches.

Previously the record for a white perch was held by Aaron Slagh who reeled in a 1.93 pound, 13.25 inch "caucasian perch" from Muskegon Lake on Jan. 21, 2014.

According to the DNR, state records are recognized by weight only.

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