Howell wins court fight over cutting tall grass at curb

Associated Press

Howell — A Michigan city has won a dispute over a homeowner’s tall grass in a case that went to the second-highest court in the U.S.

A federal appeals court says Howell didn’t violate the rights of a man who was charged $600 for failing to mow grass on a strip near his curb.

In a 2-1 decision Wednesday, the court says David Shoemaker was repeatedly warned he was responsible for keeping the grass at less than 8 inches long.

The court says Shoemaker owned the strip but Howell still could enforce its grass ordinance because the city has an easement over the same property.

Shoemaker compared Howell to countries run by dictators. In response, the court says the comparison is “almost too outlandish to address.”

Shoemaker sold his home in 2012.