Man who lost job wins $60K in Bay City booster raffle

Associated Press

Bay City — A Bay County man who recently lost his job has won nearly $60,000 in a booster club raffle that lasted 53 weeks.

The Bay City Times reports 32-year-old Rick Ramirez of Essexville came away the winner of the Bay City Central Booster Club’s raffle Wednesday night. Ramirez had written the name of his 3-year-old daughter, Lucia, on the winning ticket.

More than 50,000 tickets were sold this week for the raffle, which had a jackpot of nearly $133,000. Ramirez gets a cut of the jackpot, with the rest going to the booster club.

Ramirez said winning “feels like a dream.” Booster club president Pam Skillman says the money “couldn’t have gone to a better person.”