UM student told to pay $5K for ski resort vandalism

Associated Press

Gaylord — A University of Michigan student has been placed on probation and ordered to pay $5,000 for his role in widespread vandalism at a ski resort in northern Michigan.

Matthew Vlasic was charged with a felony, malicious destruction of a building, but struck a deal for a misdemeanor. The 22-year-old was sentenced Monday in Otsego County. He can’t consume drugs or alcohol while on probation for two years.

Doors, furniture, fixtures and carpet were badly damaged in January when members of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity spent a wild weekend at Treetops Resort. Two fraternity leaders were charged with providing a place for minors to drink.

The University of Michigan called the vandalism “reprehensible” and shut down the fraternity. On that same weekend, Boyne Highlands reported property damage by students.