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MSU fight song gets a new name for its 100th birthday

Kim Kozlowski
The Detroit News

For a century, Michigan State University’s fight song was simply known as the “MSU Fight Song.”

But with the tune’s 100-year anniversary and MSU’s Homecoming on the horizon, the song has a new name: “Victory for MSU.”

With the help of social media, the university has even pulled together a virtual choir made up of hundreds of fans near and far.

Kevin Epling, video producer, communications and brand strategy at MSU, estimates nearly 1,000 people — including alumni, students and faculty — appear in the brief clip. Footage was submitted and gathered over several months, including from around the world, he said. Among the notable faces singing along: MSU President Lou Anna Simon, holding a plush Kermit the Frog.

“We have a wide range of loyal Spartans who sang the fight song and got their video to us,” Epling said. “It’s just a really fun piece of eye-candy to show the number of Spartans out there.”

Most performers wore their green and white as they sang the song, and the university created a video montage of the uploaded versions that will be shown at Spartan Stadium this Saturday when MSU (4-0) takes on the Purdue Boilermakers (1-3).

“Most of the voices made it in,” said Todd Carter, MSU’s assistant vice president for marketing/communications. “It’s a way of not only celebrating the 100 years of the fight song, but also all the great things we’ve done at MSU.”