Tradition of dropping anchor continues in Port Huron

Associated Press

Port Huron — Downtown Port Huron will continue its New Year’s Eve tradition of dropping anchor as it has since 2013.

This year, however, a new anchor will drop from McMorran Tower: one made of three-quarter-inch steel rod, rather than sheet metal, The Times Herald reported.

Marc Muzzarelli, who handles the rigging for the drop, said the sheet metal anchor is “not designed to handle any kind of weather, especially wind.”

“The second year they ran it, the wind picked it up and it kind of flew around the tower a bit,” he said.

The steel model should be sturdier and up for the job of anchoring the tradition. It was fabricated by St. Clair County Community College welding students under the direction of an instructor.

Muzzarelli joked that they might be steeling themselves for trouble that doesn’t come.

“Because we did all this, I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely still that night,” he said.

The original anchor will be taken inside McMorran Place, where general manager Kim Appel says visitors will be able to write resolutions on it.

Thursday night’s anchor drop follows a hockey game between The Port Huron Prowlers and Dayton Demolition.