Anonymous sets sights on Flint water crisis

The Detroit News

Anonymous, the internationally known hacking group, has weighed in on the Flint water crisis. In a video published this week titled “#OpFlint,” they said: “We do not forget and we do not forgive. The crimes committed by Gov. (Rick) Snyder as well as other city officials will not go unpunished... Justice will arrive in the form of a pale mask.”

On Thursday, Hurley Medical Center in Flint was reportedly the victim of a cyberattack.

“Hurley Medical Center has IT systems in place, which aid in detecting a virus or cyberattack,” hospital spokeswoman Ilene Cantor said in a statement to The News. “As such, all policies and protocols were followed in relation to the most-recent cyberattack on our system. Patient care was not compromised and we are closely monitoring all systems to ensure IT security is consistently maintained.”

This week, state lawmakers approved a $28 million aid package for Flint, and the White House announced plans to send $80 million in aid to Michigan. On Thursday, Gina McCarthy, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ordered the state to take immediate action in Flint.

Taking a page from Cher, who’s said Snyder should be the target of a firing squad, and from Michael Moore, who’s said Snyder should be arrested, Anonymous said Snyder should be arrested “for either voluntary or involuntary manslaughter.”

“Governor Snyder,” Anonymous said to close the talking portion of the video, “did you really not expect us?”