Muskegon Co. property owner puzzled about buried body

Associated Press

Fruitland Township — A rural property owner in Muskegon County is anxious for information after a body was found buried next to his barn.

Investigators believe the body could be a woman who’s been missing for 13 months. Bobbie Maples of the Muskegon area disappeared just days after giving birth.

An autopsy was planned Monday but no results were announced. Police got a tip about the body last week.

A retired pharmacist, Glenn Glaser, says the body was buried on his property in Fruitland Township. He tells WOOD-TV that he doesn’t know anything about Maples and assumes the body was buried when he was out of town.

He says he didn’t notice any disturbed dirt. If he did, Glaser says he would have asked: “What’s going on in my corral?”